The Amazon of Europe (AoE) is more than just a biosphere reserve – it is a unique destination that brings together the natural and cultural heritage of its region. Managed by five countries and designated by UNESCO, the AoE is the world’s first transboundary biosphere reserve including the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers.

The destination has become a flagship for sustainable cross-border tourism, attracting tourists with the promise of preserved natural beauty and unique cultural experiences.

On their way through the AoE, visitors have the opportunity to step away from the grey noise of city life and immerse themselves in an oasis of greenery and history.

Activities and Experiences. What is distinctive about AoE is the opportunity for tourists to benefit from unique cultural experiences shared with the locals.

Tourist Packages. Bike tours, canoe trips and amazing cultural and nature moments are just a few of the attractions provided by AoE. All of these can be booked quickly and easily through the destination’s official website:

The partnership with SMARTER AOE contributes to the development of tourism in the region. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has benefited from the platform’s assistance in developing a new website, an updated booking system, and improving the hotel’s online presence.

Having a digital presence improves the travel experience, improves guest communication, and fosters trust between customers and hotels.

Vision for the Future. With the support of the EU and EU funds, the AoE aims to continuously expand and improve its tourism offer. Visit Amazon of Europe and discover the unique opportunities this destination offers. Also, explore the Amazon of Europe Hub for more information and inspiration.