Hacienda Restaurant: Magic of Taste and Atmosphere

In a world of comfort and style, the restaurant “Hacienda” in the City of Rousse is a real gem. Combining refinement, delights and a unique atmosphere, this place becomes an inevitable destination for lovers of good food and pleasant moments.
At Hacienda, cooking becomes an art and dishes become works of taste and creativity.
Our chef combines traditional recipes with contemporary trends to create a rich and diverse menu.
From exquisite appetizers to refreshing salads and tempting desserts, every menu item delights the senses.
Come to our cosy winter garden and enjoy the atmosphere of a fantastic winter.
With natural light and the comfort of our warm decorations, this section of the Hacienda Restaurant becomes the ideal setting for a romantic lunch or dinner under the stars. From seasonal menus to unexpected culinary experiences.

We create taste magic to satisfy your every desire.
Our regular specials and themed events provide guests with an opportunity to try new dishes and drinks that will impress them.
We invite all lovers of fine dining to unwind and savor unforgettable flavors.
Finish your gastronomic journey at Hacienda Restaurant, where carefully selected ingredients and sophisticated style will elevate your taste adventure. Prepare to embark on an entirely new culinary adventure!