Cookie Policy

In order to increase efficiency, the website of Hotel Cosmopolitan AD uses
cookies data files.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that store information about
the actions of users and their preferences when visiting a given
website. They are saved on the computer or mobile used by the user
device for a certain period of time depending on its type.

Cookies help to make using the website more convenient, as they save on
users the need to enter their preferences each time,
when they visit the site or move from one page to another.

Cookies allow the website to function smoothly, to keep track of
irregularities and identify opportunities to optimize the ways in which
provides information and communicates with users.

Necessary cookies
These are cookies without which the functioning of the site is impossible or not
puts at high risk. This includes cookies for website navigation and storage
of the completed information.

Necessary for because, provide control over connection security and
protection from unwanted external interference.

Functional cookies
This category of cookies serves to facilitate the user’s use of
the website and complying with individual user preferences.
Functionality cookies include recognition cookies
device, saving language and font size preferences.

Cookies for analysis and marketing purposes
Analysis cookies are used to collect statistical information, etc
basis on which general conclusions and recommendations can be made about
the effectiveness of the site in view of the purposes of users, as well as in view of
marketing and advertising purposes. Such statistics include number of users of
page, most visited pages, sources of the visit, time spent
on the page, errors occurred, etc. These cookies allow to collect
anonymous information about how users navigate the website and
the problems they may be experiencing.

For maximum accuracy, the website of Hotel Cosmopolitan AD uses
the analytical tools of Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook.

How do I disable my cookies?
As a user, you have the possibility to control the cookies used, yes
delete the cookies stored on your device, and disable
the use of cookies in the future. Detailed instructions for different browsers
and operating systems can be found at

Note that blocking cookies will affect how
the website is running, which may cause the site to malfunction.
Strictly mandatory cookies, without which the website cannot function,
cannot be blocked